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volkswagen Injector,diesel pump,ecu, common rail assy100% Original & 100% New Products.
Supply Part Number Name Quality Supply Part Number Name Quality
03L130277C VW Injector New 0445116035 VW Fuel Injector New
0445116034 VW Injector New 0445010568
VW Injection Pump New
0445010507 VW Injection Pump New 0445010565 VW Injection Pump New
VW Injector 2.0
New 0445110369
VW Fuel Injector New
VW Injector 2.0 New 0445110647
VW Fuel Injector New
VW Injector 1.6 New 0414720210
VW Fuel Injector New
VW Injector 2.5 New 0414720215
VW Fuel Injector 1.9 New
VW Injector 1.9 New 0414720404
VW Fuel Injector 2.0 New
VW Injector New 03L130277S
VW Fuel Injector 1.6 New
VW Injector 2.7 New 0445116007
VW Fuel Injector 2.7 New
VW Injector 2.7 New 0445116014
VW Fuel Injector 2.7 New
VW Injector New 0445110469 VW Fuel Injector 2.0 New
0445110647 VW Injector New 04L130277AC VW Fuel Injector New
VW Injector New 0445115091 VW Fuel Injectors New
0445115029 VW Injector New A2C9626040080
VW 1.6 Fuel Injector New

VOLKSWAGEN fuel injectors and diesel Pumps sample Pictures

0445010565,VW Amarok 2.0L Injector Pump,03L130755AA
0445110469,Bosch Injector For VW
0445110369,Bosch Common Rail Injector For Vw Amarok Pickup
0445110429,03L130277N,Bosch Fuel Injector For VW
0445010507,Genuine VW Injection Diesel Pump
03L130227C,VW Injector,0445116035,0445116034