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nissan Injector,diesel pump,ecu, common rail assy100% Original & 100% New Products.
Supply Part Number Name Note Supply Part Number Name Note
16600-5X00A Nissan Injector New 16600-EB70D Nissan Injector New
16600-VM00A Nissan Injector
New 16600-EB30D Nissan Injector New
16600-00Q0A Nissan Injector New 16600-EB71A Nissan Injector


16600-VM00D Nissan Injector New 16600-MB40E Nissan Fuel Injector New
16600-EB30E Nissan Injector New 095000-5655 Nissan Fuel Injector New
16700-VM01C Nissan Injection Pump New 294000-0780 Nissan Injection Pump New
16700-VM00E Np300 Injection Pump New 294000-0785 Pickup Injection Pump New
095000-5650 Nissan Injector New 095000-6240 Nissan Fuel Injector New
095000-6250 Nissan YD25 Injector New
16600-EC00A Nissan Fuel Injector New
295050-0300 Nissan Injector New 095000-5655
Nissan Injector New
Nissan Injector 2.2
New 095000-5135
Nissan Injector New
16600-AW400 Nissan Injector New 16600-AW420 Nissan Injector New
16600-5X30A Nissan Injector
New 295050-1050 Nissan Injector New
0445010136 Nissan Injection pump New 0445110315 Nissan Injector New
16600-VZ20B Nissan Injector New 0445110877 Nissan Injector
16600-4KV0A Nissan Injectors New 0445110284 Nissan Injector New
295050-1060 Nissan Injectors New 16600-3XN0A Nissan Injector New
0445110491 Nissan Injectors New 16600-MD20A Nissan Injector New
16700-4KV0A Nissan Injection Pump New 294000-2460 Nissan Injection Pump New
16700-EC01D Nissan Fuel Pump New 294000-0530 Nissan Injection Pump New
16700-VZ20D Nissan Fuel Pump New 095000-6630 Nissan Fuel Injectors New
16600-8H800 Nissan Fuel Injectors New 095000-0510 Nissan YD22 Injectors New
16600-63G21 Nissan Pickup Injectors New 16700-2S620 Nissan Pickup Fuel Pump New
Nissan Fuel Injector New 0445110878
Nissan Fuel Injector New
Nissan Fuel Injectors New 16600-2DB4B
Nissan Fuel Injector New
Nissan VK56 Fuel Pump New 16600-MA70A Nissan ZD30 Injectors New
Nissan Injectors New 16600-8052R Nissan Fuel Injectors New
16600-00Q1F Nissan Fuel injectors New 16600-00Q1V Nissan CR Injectors New
295050-0510 Nissan UD Injector New 52214-16555
Nissan MKB8E Injector New
16700-00Q2C Nissan Injection Pump New 16600-MA20C Nissan ZD30 Injectors New
095000-0880 Fuel Injectors New 0445110875 Nissan ZD30 Fuel Nozzle New
Nissan Almera 2.2 Injector New 16600-A030P
Nissan UT/4N16 injector New

16700-A030P Nissan UT/4N16 cr pump New

Common Rail Injectors and diesel pump for Nissan Diesel.
Sample Pictures
16700-VK50A,Nissan YD25 Fuel Injectoin Pump,16700-VK500
0445110857,Nissan ZD30 Fuel Injectors,16600-MA20C
16700-00Q2C,Nissan YS23 Diesel Injection Pump,1670000Q2C
A6860-VM09A,Valve Kit for Nissan YD25 Injection Pump,A6860VM09A
16600-00Q1F,Nissan Fuel Injectors,16600-00Q1V
0445110284,Nissan ZD30 Fuel Injectors,16600-MA70A
16630-1LA0A,Nissan Y62 VK56 Fuel Pump,16630-1LAOA
16600-VZ20A,Nissan ZD30 Bosch Fuel Injectors,16600-VZ20B
16700-VX101,16700-VX10B,Nissan ZD30 Diesel Pump,109342-4051R
0445110878,Nissan Fuel Injectors,0445110467
16600-63G21,Nissan Pickup Injectors,1660063G21
16700-2S620,Nissan Pickup Injection Pump,167002S620