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isuzu Injector,diesel pump,ecu, common rail assy100% Original & 100% New Products.

Supply Part Number Part Name Note Supply Part Number Part Name Note
Isuzu Injector New 8-98011604-5
Isuzu Fuel Injector New
Isuzu Injector
New 98011604
Isuzu Fuel Injector
Isuzu Injector
New 8981454551
Isuzu SCV New
095000-6991 Isuzu Injector
New 8981454550
Isuzu SCV New
Isuzu Injector
New 8981066932
Isuzu Fuel Injector New
095000-8340 Isuzu Injector New 095000-6980
Isuzu Fuel Injector New
095000-0660 Isuzu Hitachi Injector New 8982843930 Isuzu Fuel Injector New
Isuzu Injector New 8973113720
Isuzu Fuel Injector New
0950008340 Isuzu Injector New 095000-5430
Isuzu Fuel Injector New
Isuzu Injector New 8981066931
Isuzu Fuel Injector New
095000-5980 Isuzu Fuel Injectors
New 095000-5985 Isuzu CR Injectors New
095000-0990 Isuzu Fuel Injectors New 095000-0995 Isuzu C.R Injectors New
8-97603099-0 Isuzu CR Injectors New 8-97603099-5 Isuzu CR Injectors New
Isuzu 6HK1 Injectors New 8943922610
Isuzu 6HK1 Injectors New
Isuzu Fuel Injector New 89439226102
Isuzu CR Injector New
8-97376370-1 Isuzu Fuel Injector New 095000-5500 Isuzu CR Injector New
8-97367552-4 Isuzu Fuel Injector New
Isuzu CR Injector New
Isuzu Fuel Injector New 98247354
Isuzu CR Injectors New
294000-1210 Isuzu 4JJ1 CR Pump New 8973113739
Isuzu Fuel Pump New
Isuzu 4HK1 Injectors New 8976097896
Isuzu 6HK1 Injectors New
Isuzu Fuel Injectors New 095000-0933
Isuzu CR Injectors New
095000-5470 Isuzu Fuel Injectors New 295900-0660 Isuzu CR Injectors New
Isuzu Fuel Injectors New 8-98284393-1
Isuzu CR Injectors New
Isuzu 6UZ1 Injectors New 8-97610254-4
Isuzu 6UZ1 Injectors New
095000-0452 Isuzu 6HK1 Injectors New 8-97602436-2 Isuzu Fuel Injector New
8-97602436-0 Isuzu CR Injectors New 095000-0450 Isuzu Diesel Injector New
Isuzu Fuel Injector New 8-98178247-3 Isuzu 4KH1 Injectors New
Isuzu 4JJ1 Injectors New 095000-8900 Isuzu Fuel Injectors New
8-98091565-3 Isuzu Injection Pump New 294050-0105 Isuzu Injection Pump New
Isuzu Dmax Injectors New

Isuzu common rail injectors and diesel pump sample pictures

8-98011605-5,Denso Isuzu Dmax 4JJ1 Fuel Injectors,8980116055
8-97435029-0,Isuzu 4JJ1 Fuel Injectors,8974350290
8-97367552-6,Isuzu 4HL1 Fuel Injectors,8973675526
8-98201564-1,Isuzu 4JJ1 Fuel Injectors,8982015641
8-97602436-2,Isuzu 6HK1 Fuel Injectors,095000-0452
8980305690,Zexel Isuzu 4LE2 Injection Pump,8980955500
8-97610254-4,Isuzu 6ZU1 Fuel Injectors,8976102544
8-98284393-0,Isuzu Fuel Injectors,295900-0660
8-98178247-3,Isuzu Fuel Injectors,095000-0933
8972523415,Isuzu Injection Pump,0470504026
8-97609789-6,Isuzu 4HK1 Fuel Injector,095000-6376
8-98247354-0,Isuzu Dmax Fuel Injectors,98247354
8-98155988-1,Genuine Isuzu 4JJ1 Injection Pump,294000-1400
8976030995,Isuzu 6UZ1 Fuel Injectors,095000-5985
0445110720,Genuine Isuzu Fuel Injectors
8-98011605-3,Isuzu 4JJ1 Fuel Injector,095000-6993